Benefits of Membership in the
World Martial Arts Federation, Inc.
for Instructors, and School Owners

The World Martial Arts Federation, Inc. was formed to highlight the skills and diversity of the martial arts today and to help fellow martial arts professionals develop in the arts and in business.

"We want the martial arts to get the exposure football, baseball, hockey, and basketball gets."

This will take a coordinated group effort but we have already had major media exposure through the television Channel 4, 5, 7, 25, 38 and 56. We have had coverage of our event on several large radio stations along with the Herald, Boston Globe, MetroWest Daily News, Telegram & Gazette, and many small papers and cable stations.
As the World Martial Arts Federation, Inc. gets bigger we will get more exposure. Your school no matter what size can help. If you care about the martial arts and want to grow or help other people grow get involved now!

Business Advice and Seminars: We have a group of over 75 members to draw ideas from. Several of our schools have over 300 active students. We want to share ideas with your school. We have business seminars and private consulting available. Our goal is to help our schools be successful and prosper . We will help you gain new students while retaining the ones you already have. We will help you get FREE advertisement and national recognition of our organization and your school.

Member Notices or Events: The World Martial Arts Federation will post on our web-site events being held at our member schools. However, unless an event is sanctioned or hosted by the Federation all other advertising is the responsibility of the school hosting the event.

Seminars: Martial arts clinics and seminars are held throughout the year. Continued and diverse learning for all members and students. We have Black Belt Only Martial arts clinics and seminars held throughout the year. These seminars can be added and will count toward rank promotions and should be listed on your martial arts resume.

Certification: Rank, title, and teaching certification in many other aspects of our business such as, Aerobic Kickboxing and Escrima plus many more.
Instructors rank and teaching skills will be recognized by the WMAF . For school owners, this adds legitimacy to your dojo. Unlike other schools, your instructor will be recognized by the World Martial Arts Federation, Inc.. If you need or want training in any discipline we will find you an instructor of the highest quality.

Student Referral Program: We will refer students at your request through our network for transfers to your school or from your school to another. Your school will be listed as a preferred school on our web site .